Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Swoopty Line

It's all coming together. Ever since I started painting curvy lines, I find my eye noticing different pieces of life and reflecting on the movement of life. And now I made up a word for the part of a journey where time stands still and we surrender to the momentum and power of life -the swoopty line.

For example:

A while back, I was looking at surf photos (my brother and sister are both surfers) and was drawn to the shape of the opening from the inside of the tube.....

I've never been inside a wave like that, but I can imagine that there is a moment there where time stands still and you feel your oneness with life as you are engulfed by the power of the water.

Then, I found that same shape and line appearing in my recent paintings of paper airplanes....

I started painting paper airplanes because I love the simplicity and innocent joy that they represent. Their short journeys through the air make children jump for joy. And the loopty loops (making the swoopty line) they do in the sky before they crash into the ground are a part of the fun.

Then, while watching the freestyle skiing event in the Olympics, I realized that what I love most about that event is when they do that back flip, land, and keep going. That moment of suspension gets me. Again, I've never flipped through the air with skis attached to my feet - but the power and the surrender and the magic of that feat amazes me. What line are they drawing in the sky? The swoopty line.

Don't we all, throughout the course of our lives, experience the swoopty line? Many times it's not something we've planned, but we find ourselves suspended with no choice but to trust.

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