Monday, April 19, 2010

Public Art - Sign of Life

I recently travelled to Asheboro, North Carolina for an opening exhibit of my art at Circa Gallery. After hanging the show, I had time to stroll through the center of town. I found public art sculptures and a green space and performance pavillion. I also found a great exhibit of portraits of the people and places of Asheboro by Les Caison III at the local arts guild.

Then, I learned that two years ago, the town lifted its dry ordinance. Around the same time that alcohol became legal, an art gallery opened in the center of town. Now, the people of Asheboro are clearly grateful and happy to attend an art opening - glass of wine in hand - in their hometown.

Here is the public art that told me that Asheboro is concerned with beauty and community... and isn't that a fine place to be?
A bug on a wall...

A fountain with sculptures make a great place to sit...

I didn't get a photo of the ampitheater and green space. But, I did get a shot of the street art that was parked right next to the area. The tree made a great frame...

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