Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catching Up - Lap Swimming

 48 x 60, The Power of H2O, acrylic on canvas

 Drip Dry, 60 x 60, acrylic on canvas

 The Plunge, 60 x 60, acrylic on canvas

From Suntan Oil to SPF 50, 60 x 60, acrylic on canvas

Benched, 60 x 60, acrylic on canvas

Some images from my recent show, Lap Swimming

If there’s an activity I’ve spent more time doing than painting, it’s swimming laps. Throughout the course of my life, I’ve swum countless laps. As a child, my summer days were spent at the neighborhood pool beginning with an early morning swim team practice followed by a day of playing in the water.  As an adult, I swam in college and every phase of my life thereafter.  Now, I swim laps for fitness and am a coach for a US Swimming Youth team.

I’ve swum and coached in pools around the country.  I’m drawn to the lines, grids, and patterns of pools designed for competition. My paintings usually begin with a grid that I’ve drawn using a ruler and pencil. The grids set the stage for patterns of colors. I often wonder if my connection to lines, grids and patterns in my paintings is linked to my time spent in and around pools. When I look at swimming pools, I see the grid and the opportunity for patterns of color.

Lately, I’ve been swimming in the morning as the sun rises, hitting the windows and water in the pool in a beautiful way. The results are dancing lines of light on the bottom of the pool. This adds a dimension of beauty and wonder to my morning exercise.

This exhibition was an opportunity for me to marry my two passions: painting and swimming pools. 

 Time To Turn, 48 x 48, acrylic on wood

 At the Wall, 36 x 36, acrylic on canvas

 Lap Swimming, 36 x 36, acrylic on wood

 Deep End, 36 x 36, acrylic on wood

 Morning Workout, 36 x 36, acrylic on wood

 Two Fifties, 12 x 12, acrylic on wood

One twenty-five, 12 x 12, acrylic on wood

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