Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Catching Up - two years since last entry

Let's get caught up, shall we?

My last blog entry was in 2010! A lot has happened since then and I regret not keeping record of it in this blog. I've been feeling the tug of this blog - and the discipline of spending time every week tracking the movement of my life. I'm not going to make any broad pronouncement now about how I intend to blog at least once a week. But, that is what I intend. We'll see. 

The above are some images of paintings completed during my blogging hiatus.  Bright, big and fun. 

I have spent much energy over the past two years curating a show titled Waking Up With Van Gogh. You can go to the website and check it out.... WUWVG  

After that show opened, I threw myself into painting a solo exhibit titled, Lap Swimming. Both of those shows came down in July, 2012. Since then, I've been putting the pieces of my own artistic life and business back together again. I'm excited about the possibilities. We'll discuss those more as I resume the habit of blogging. 

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